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Jul 11, 2023

In this week’s Thomson Reuters Institute Insights podcast, our technology content leader Zach Warren dives into the generative artificial intelligence (AI) craze within law firms, speaking with Kelley Drye & Warren chief information officer Judi Flournoy. As a law firm CIO with years of legal technology experience, Flournoy has seen tech trends come and go. However, generative AI and ChatGPT isn’t just a continuation of past AI initiatives, she believes, but a true game-changer.

That’s why she’s encouraging those within her firm to get acquainted early. “They need to understand this technology early so they understand where it’s going to lead them later,” Flournoy explains. 

In the podcast, she discusses not only the use cases she sees now, but her prognostications for law firms’ future, why generative AI will be here “faster than anyone realizes,” and why one AI is reminiscent of the movie Her.