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Jul 25, 2023

Every law firm has a strategy to serve clients and win business, and every law firm also works with some sort of technology in today’s digital world. But how often does that overall strategy take law firms’ digital initiatives into account?

Recent research from the Thomson Reuters Institute (TRI) found that most law firms are satisfied with how they’re tying their firm’s digital transformation to its overall strategy — but in practice, only about half actually have a fully realized digital strategy at the C-suite level, and many of those have been instituted only in the past couple of years.

In the latest TRI Insights Podcast, Zach Warren, TRI’s technology and innovation insights leader and Lucy Leach, director of research strategy at TRI, discuss why many law firms think they’re above average (but not perfect) on digital strategy, how clients are too often left out of the process, and what the rise of generative artificial intelligence means for digital strategy’s future.