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Feb 20, 2024

Holly Hill, Partner and Sustainability Leader with MinterEllisonRuddWatts, joins us to discuss what her firm looks for when hiring new associates, especially those fresh from law school. Hill points out that the New Zealand-based law firm has experienced a unique pinch in the past several years as many of their...

Feb 13, 2024

In this week’s Thomson Reuters Institute Insights podcast, we speak with industry experts about impact on the compliance industry of the newly operational beneficial ownership database, discussing what they see on the horizon and what concerns they have about what lies ahead.

Feb 8, 2024

Jay Courie, Managing Member at MGC Law joins the Thomson Reuters Institute team for the latest installment of the Designing Your Candidate podcast series to discuss what his firm is looking for when hiring associate lawyers. Whether lateral attorneys or new hires, the skillsets that associates need to succeed in the...

Jan 31, 2024

In the latest Thomson Reuters Institute Insights podcast, we gather a panel of industry experts and legal professionals to discuss the current state of crypto-assets and look at what might be in crypto’s future as litigation and regulatory compliance become bigger factors in this sector.

Jan 29, 2024

It’s well understood how technology is changing law, but what may be less understood is how it is changing legal hiring. In this second installment in the new Designing Your Candidate limited series for the Thomson Reuters Institute Insights podcast channel, Kenneth Jones, COO of law firm technology subsidiary Xerdict...