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Nov 8, 2023

Aaron Boersma from Google and Shanna Davidson from Barnes & Thornburg join the Thomson Reuters Institute Insights podcast to discuss client and law firm perspective on some of the key findings from the Thomson Reuters Institute’s recent Legal Department Operations (LDO) Index report.

As clients find themselves seemingly caught between the challenge of needing to control costs and the realities of increasing legal matter volumes with little by way of additional staffing or budget to manage those new matters, they must look for creative way to “do more with less” and will likely be relying more on outside counsel. While this presents opportunities for law firms, it can also be a breeding ground for worry as clients increasingly look to shuffle work around in search of greater cost effectiveness.

This podcast’s buy-side/sell-side discussion of these topics and more sheds new light on the challenge that corporate legal department operations professionals face today, what law firms are doing to help, and what more can be done.